Zuma – HK

15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong // +852 3657 6388 http://www.zumarestaurant.com/zuma-landing/hong-kong/en/welcome Zuma is one of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong. The reason – their brunches are to die for, first of all you get unlimited champagne (and other drinks) AND you get to stuff your face with unlimited high quality Japanese food. What else would a nineteen year old want? Every time I come home, my mum and my sister and I will all traipse down to Zuma for a feast. Conversation is often limited as we are too busy stuffing our face and running back to the extensive (really really extensive) buffet selection. Zuma’s decor is modern, simple and sophisticated. There is a grand sweeping spiralling glass staircase that lifts the environment from elegant glamour during the day to fancy bar at night. The furniture is spacious with tables made out of light wood that reflect the sun rays from the large glass windows giving the restaurant an ethereal glow. Every time I eat here I feel like I’m in my rich friends lofty apartment and I sit and wait for my Mr. hunk to come down that staircase in a crisp white shirt and calvins. Although modern, there are clear Japanese themes brought through by the clean cut and simplistic decor. 20140821-042544 pm-59144624.jpg What I like to call Zuma’s rich bitch staircase The Brunch Drinks – The menu boasts unlimited alcoholic beverages such as wine, sakes, champagne and pimms in the summer. If more than one from your party orders a glass of pimms then they give you a bucket of that stuff. No, not a Koh Samui red plastic bucket, but a classy wooden box complete with your own ladle. Although not cheap, the brunch is definitely worth the money and since I’m paying this much I always keep the champagne flowing. The Starter – this is my favourite part.. The buffet is a long dragon of oysters, sushi, sashimi, noodles, salads, soups, grilled skewers, pickles etc. You name it, they pretty much have it. My favourite is the rich and sweet clam soup, the soup is really good but the best part is you can scoop up as many clams as you want into your bowl. Bye bye to restaurant stingy portions of seafood. 20140821-043328 pm-59608727.jpg 20140821-043244 pm-59564629.jpg 20140821-043259 pm-59579701.jpg The main course – Don’t make the same error as I did the first time – don’t stuff your face with so much food forgetting that you have a full sized main course coming your way. I chose the steak this time, medium rare with some fried shallots to top it off, the saltiness of the shallots in perfect balance with the sweet and zingy sauce. I would avoid the miso cod because it’s good but pretty average, you would be better off trying something new. 20140821-043549 pm-59749697.jpg My two glasses of pimms in the background – really wasn’t kidding about keeping the drinks coming The Dessert – Oh boy, could I eat their dessert all day. It comes in a wooden deep pan that I assume is what they normally serve sashimi on. The bottom of this pan is filled with ice blocks and ice cream, crazy cut fruit, mango puddings, coffee cakes galore sits on. The sesame ice cream or lemon sorbet gives a nice authentic Japanese touch to end the meal. 20140821-045909 pm-61149192.jpg Also a funny side note – selfie stick takes over Zuma 20140821-045943 pm-61183746.jpg and finally…. Price – $$$$ Value for money – 8/10 Atmosphere – 8/10 Service – 9/10 Food – 9/10


3 thoughts on “Zuma – HK

    • hangingwithahung says:

      Hiya! It is really good! I would definitely recommend it especially if you’re going to catch up with a whole load of girls! Sit out on the patio if it’s sunny because it’s perfect for enjoying that free flow champagne!


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